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Using the VPN, you can securely connect your device to Isca's network from any location, making it appear as though you are on-site. This will enable you to access resources available on the network (F drive, Student Shared drive, etc) whilst off-site. When connected, everything you access through the internet will be sent and received via Isca's internet connection.

Instruction guides

1) Windows
Installing and using the VPN on Windows.

2) Mac:
Installing and using the VPN on Mac.

3) iOS:
Coming soon.

Frequently Asked Questions (with answers)

1. Q: Why can't I connect to the VPN on-site?
A: You're already on-site. You don't need to.

2. Q: Why does my internet connection stop working on one device if I log into another device?
A: You can only use the VPN on one device at a time. If you want to use another device, you need to request another VPN profile. This provides more effective security and helps to stop sharing of VPN profiles.

3. Q: I have already requested a second profile but I am still disconnected on one device when I log into a second.
A: While that isn't strictly a question, ensure the names of profiles installed on different devices are actually different. Although you've requested another profile, you may have accidentally installed the same profile on another device.

4. Q: Why is accessing resources slow?
A: Speeds will be slower because you're not accessing resources whilst on-site. Speeds will be dependent on the internet connection you're using. The internet connection on-site can be 10-100 times faster than those off-site, so slower access is normal.

5. Q: My question isn't listed here.
A: Try looking here first. If you discover something you think everyone should know about, let us know and we'll post a short guide here.

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