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1) You must be connected to the school network or use the VPN to install and run 4Matrix.
2) You must use a Windows computer to run 4Matrix. Staff with Macs should speak to the Technical Team.

Installing 4Matrix

3) Find the 4Matrix folder in the F drive > 00 - Technical docs and details. If you do not have access to the F drive, you can download a copy from here.
4) Copy this folder to your desktop. Don't run the installer from the F drive.
5) Open the folder on your desktop and run the 4MClient installer.
6) Click OK, Next and Yes as appropriate.
7) Click Finish
8) It's installed. You can now delete the 4Matrix folder on your desktop, taking a copy of the teacher guide within it first if you wish to read the official instructions.

Logging into 4Matrix

9) A few staff may require additional software to run 4Matrix. Speak to the Technical Team if so.
10) Run 4Matrix by clicking Start > All Programs > 4Matrix > right click on 4Matrix and select Open as Administrator.
11) Confirm Yes if a popup box appears.
12) Find your name by clicking the dropdown box, or start typing and your name will appear.
13) Log in using the password correcthorsebatterystaple
14) Change your password when you first log in.

Updating 4Matrix

4Matrix may need to update immediately after installation and at regular points afterwards. These updates are provided directly by the parent company. You may find 4Matrix attempts to download updates, presents errors and closes. If this happens, run 4Matrix by clicking Start > All Programs > 4Matrix > right click on 4Matrix and select Open as Administrator.

Frequently Asked Questions (with answers)

1. Q: 4Matrix is stuck in a loop and won't open, or it fails to apply updates when opened.
A: There is probably an update to 4Matrix and you need to run the program as an Administrator. Close the 4Matrix launcher (you may need to press Control+Alt+Delete, move to the "Processes" tab and kill launcher.exe quickly). Right click on the 4Matrix shortcut and select "Open as Administrator". This should stop the loop.

2. Q: My question isn't listed here.
A: Try looking here first. If you discover something you think everyone should know about, let us know and we'll post a short guide here.

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